Curious what we've got planned for you? Scroll on for an overview of programs you can expect to enjoy in the branches this summer.

Check out the calendar to find a program near you!

Didgeridoo Down Under: a high-energy, Australia-themed show that combines music, culture, storytelling and audience participation. The didgeridoo, usually a hollow tree trunk, has been played by Aboriginal Australians for at least 1,500 years, and is known for its otherworldly sound.

E & M Reptile Family: a very unique, fun, and highly educational one-hour program that includes an exciting and diverse menagerie of living arthropods (creepy-crawlies), amphibians, who are never sad and always hoppy, and reptiles, featuring snakes, lizards, turtles and tortoises. The show is very hands-on and tons of fun!

Evo Bluestein: the program celebrates the cultural diversity of America through folk music. Instruments may include: fiddle, banjo, guitar, dulcimer, autoharp, hammered-dulcimer, accordion, spoons, Jew’s harp. Traditional music styles may include: Mexican, Native American, Anglo-Celtic, African American, Appalachian, Cajun.

The Discovery Center: learn the fun and excitement of chemistry in this cool class! It’s all about rapid chemical reactions and the states of matter! Solids, liquids and gases have one thing in common - matter! We’ll mix up some science with different things such as dry ice, glue, baking soda and vinegar. Uncover the reality of how matter changes from state to state!

Tim Mannix: a family magic show that combines comedy with mindboggling magic.

Wild Child Adventures: children are introduced to the physical characteristics of bubbles that make them so wonderful.  They will have fun learning when they observe rainbow bubbles, snake bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, bouncing bubbles and bubbles of all shapes and sizes.  The show concludes with several children having the opportunity to be placed inside of a giant bubble.

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